One Handed or Two?

Every time I watch a pro tennis match, I am amazed at the way they drive backhands at each other with more power than I will ever experience.

The two-handed backhand is the dominant backhand stroke across all levels of play but that has not always been the case.

Up until the 1970s, everyone played with a one-handed backhand. To those who used or still use that shot, they deserve some serious credit because that is not an easy stroke to learn or execute.

The switch to the two-handed backhand was made because it allows for more stability and power for each shot.

The downside to the two-handed backhand is that it does not allow you to reach as far as a one-handed does. This is why you still see players pull out a one-handed backhand when they are running down a ball that pulls them out wide-it is their best bet to get the ball back.

Check out these short clips of backhands:


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