Tennis Fashion Part 2 – Short Shorts or Capris?

Over the years, there have been some interesting fashion choices in tennis. While male player’s choice of shorts definitely is not the most shocking article of clothing we have seen on the courts, it is definitely memorable.

Looking back, I think most would agree that the short short and the tennis capri are both fashion choices male tennis players should not make again.

So which of the two is worse?

While I definitely am opposed to seeing a guy in short shorts playing tennis, I think the capri takes the win as the bigger fashion flop.

The one thing the short shorts do have going for them is that they were considered fashionable in their day. The reason tennis players wore them is because they were the hot trend off the courts.

The tennis capris, on the other hand, were not really a trend on or off the courts. Rafael Nadal was one of very few who sported the almost-too-tight capris. Luckily for us though the era of the tennis capri has come to an end, and male tennis players are back to wearing shorts that are neither too short or too long and tight.

Sorry short shorts and tennis capris, but you both are tennis fashion choices of the past and you should definitely stay in the past.


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