Tennis Fashion Part 3 – She wore what?

A picture is worth a thousand words, and I think a couple thousand words could be said about the fashion crimes committed in tennis.

Professional women’s tennis matches are no longer just about playing, but they are a runway to try to top one another with the latest trends. As you can tell, they are not always trends that we want to follow.

There are quite a few awful outfits that have been worn over the years, but I think the Williams sisters do it the best. Serena and Venus have some pretty interesting ideas of what should be worn on the court. Body suits, bare middrifts, outfits with parts cut out, non existent shorts, and saving the best for last – lace. One thing is for sure, they definitely keep people wondering how they will push the limits next in their tennis fashion.

There really is not a nice thing to be said about any of these outfits. I’m not sure what they were thinking so I think it’s pretty safe to say they weren’t thinking at all.


One thought on “Tennis Fashion Part 3 – She wore what?

  1. You’ve got to factor in the manufacturers interest in gaining the attention they want for their brand as well. I’m sure Nike, Adidas and another manufacturer try to get their athletes to push the limits of their comfort zone to get the national TV attention.

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