Tennis Fashion Part 6 – Reebok Pump Court Victory

Tennis shoes may not be the most noticeable part of the tennis outfit,  but would an outfit really  be complete without the shoes? I don’t think so.

One pair of memorable tennis shoes are the Reebok Pump Court Victory worn by Michael Chang in 1989. The high top was extremely popular and featured a pump on the tongue that inflated the shoe so that its fit was personalized to how the person wearing it liked.

Now if that is not cool enough for you, it gets even better. The pump looked like a tennis ball and had the same felt covering that a tennis ball has.

I think you can understand why these were a hit in the 90s. The shoe actually made a comeback in 2006 with a slightly different take on it. The shoe was covered entirely in the optic yellow felt that covers a tennis ball.

If this shoe does not catch your eye, I don’t know what would. It obviously didn’t take off like it did in the 90s, but it’s definitely something to see.

If I played tennis in the 90s I may have jumped at the chance to wear them, but as for today, not my style.

So fashion hit or fashion miss? I’m not sure I can really define this one, but I will say that they are fashion fun.


One thought on “Tennis Fashion Part 6 – Reebok Pump Court Victory

  1. Nice. Way to highlight one of the items that brought tennis fashion to the forefront. (in my opinion).

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