Ball Boys and Girls

I have always been a little bit envious of the pros in that you never see them chasing down a mis-hit ball. Instead, you see a ball boy or girl dart across the court and snatch up the ball at speeds faster than you expected.

While they are not a part of a pick-up game of tennis, they definitely play a silent but significant role in pro tennis. As a child, I always thought it would be “cool” to be the ball girl at Wimbledon. Little to my dismay that never happened, but I have always wondered what the kids have to do to become a ball boy or girl so I did a little research and found this…

I had no idea such rigorous training went in to becoming a ball boy and girl. Five months of training seems a little bit over the top, but the ball boys and girls that I have seen over the years have been quite impressive.

Even though the training looks intense, I think I would have had what it took to be a ball girl. Are you ball ball boy or girl material?


2 thoughts on “Ball Boys and Girls

  1. I just watched the movie Wimbledon the other day, and the little ball boy in the movie got hit with a ball in the face that was going over a hundred miles per hour. Is that even possible?

    • meganadams12 says:

      That is definitely possible. Serves have been hit at speeds higher than 120mph, and if a serve was a little off it could end up hitting someone. I can’t even imagine the bruise it would leave!

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