Tennis Tirades

Have you ever had a ball called out that you thought was good during a match? Well if you haven’t, let me tell you that thinking you are being cheated out of a point can throw off your entire game and for some, it can lead to an outburst on the court.

Every player handles this differently. Some (like myself) don’t say anything at all and hope that the bad call was a mistake that will not happen again.

Others politely ask “are you sure?” hoping that the the call will be changed in their favor.

And then there are some who can’t contain their anger and take it out on whoever they believe to be at fault.

Take a look at theses terrible tirades over the years…

I understand that in any competitive sport, players are going to get upset over what they see as bad calls, but does that mean it’s acceptable to yell, use obscene language, scream, call others names, and throw things? Are kids playing youth sports allowed to do this? Absolutely not.

A bad call is extremely frustrating, but there is a classy way to handle it and that does not include yelling or screaming.


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