The Tweener Shot

One shot that never ceases to amaze me is the between the legs shot aka “the tweener.” I have tried the shot before and failed miserably. To pull it off successfully takes some skill.

Here are some crucial steps in successfully completing the shot (sadly I do not know these from experience:

  • First you must run down a ball that has sailed over your head
  • Then you must catch at the right height before it has either bounced to high or dropped too low
  • Next you must get your feet wide enough apart to be able to hit the ball without hitting your legs while successfully sending it between them
  • And finally, you must do this all while looking cool

Easy enough right? Of course the pros make it look easy, but as for the average player like myself, an attempt at this shot would most likely lead to the ball flying nowhere in the court or entirely missing the ball.

Watch as the pros show how it is done.


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