Types of Opponents Part 1: The Human Backboard

The human backboard also known as the pusher and dinker, in my opinion, is one of the worst opponents to play. So what is a human backboard? He or she is the type of player that returns literally everything.

This type of player almost never hits hard, but gets everything back. Human backboards drive a lot of opponents crazy, because they win by getting you to make all of the mistakes.

Points against these types of players last forever, and the match can last for hours.

One of the worst parts about tennis is knowing you lost a point not because your opponent hit an amazing shot that you just couldn’t get back, but because you made a mistake on a crap shot and ended the point.

So how do you beat this type of player?

  1. Attack at the net. By coming to the net you are able to cut down the time your opponent has between hit the ball and reacting to your shot making it more difficult for them to get every shot back.
  2. Make him or her hit a short ball. By hitting lofty balls that will bounce high you will makes it difficult for your opponent to hit a deep shot.
  3. Be patient.. Wait for the right ball before going for a winner or attempting an approach shot.
  4. Pull your opponent into the net with a drop shot or good, low short ball.

Playing human backboards can be so frustrating. I know I have lost to one to many of them so don’t be like me! Learn how to conquer the backboard!


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