Types of Opponents Part 2: The Moonballer

The moonballer is another opponent that could potentially cause some frustration. A moonballer is different from a human backboard in that their goal is not to just get the ball back in play, but to send the ball high and deep.

What makes this opponent tricky is when topspin is added. This can cause a ball that is high and looks as though it is going to sail out to drop in at the last second when you do not expect it to.

Moonballs typically force you to have to back up to take a shot and make you return the ball defensively giving them the advantage.

So how do you beat the moonballer?

  1. Attack at the net by taking an overhead shot to win the point.
  2. Return their moonballs with moonballs and then catch them off guard by coming to the net and taking a volley.
  3. Hit the ball on the rise. By hitting the ball before it bounces ridiculously high, you will be able to take the shot offensively and catch your opponent off guard.
  4. Maker her come to the net by hitting a short ball so that it sets you up to receive a shot you can take advantage of.

Moonballers are tough to play, but if you are able to master the skill of being a moonballer, it can be a great shot to change up your game and throw your opponent off.


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