Types of Opponents Part 3: The Power Baseliner

The power baseliner is similar to my style of play. This type of player would much rather hit winners from the baseline rather than come to the net.

An opponent who is a successful power baseliner hits the ball with a lot of pace and places the ball so that you are kept on the move. By doing so, your opponent is playing offensively and forcing you to play defensively.

How do you beat this type of opponent?

  1. Keep your shots deep.
  2. Try not to put the ball where your opponent is most comfortable and able to put it away.  To avoid this, use slice or a lot topspin to alter the height of the bounce.
  3. Force your opponent to hit a lot of balls until he or she eventually misses.
  4. Make your opponent come up to the net with slice or drop shots. Many power baseliners are not good at hitting volleys.
  5. Change up the speeds and spins on your shots to throw off your opponents timing.
  6. Attack at net. Many baseliners aren’t used to hitting passing shots and make errors.

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