Types of Opponents Part 4: The Serve and Volleyer

Although I am not sure I have played a true serve and volleyer, I think this type of opponent is one of the most intimidating to play.

An actual serve-and-volley player will come in behind nearly every first serve and most second serves, and when you’re serving, he or she will try to come in behind either the return of serve or another approach shot early in the point.

I think this type of player is intimidating because he or she can force his or her opponent to play defensively right as the point begins.

So how do you beat a serve and volleyer?

  1. Don’t allow your opponent moving to the net to distract you. Concentrate on the ball and where you are hitting it.
  2. Use topspin to make your returns drop in.
  3. Try low chip returns at the server’s feet.
  4. Step in on the return to take the ball early. By doing so, the opponent will get the ball back sooner and have less time to set up for a volley.
  5. Serve and volley and get to the net first.
This may be a difficult opponent to play, but if you are able to figure out the strategy needed you can beat him or her!

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