Tennis Injuries

With every sport, there comes the risk of getting injured. Here are some common injuries and ways to treat them:

  • Rotator Cuff Tendentious – This is caused by overuse, especially excessive serving.
  • Treatment: Ice, rest, ibuprofen
  • Tennis Elbow – This is caused by overloading the forearm muscles because of bad backhand technique.
  • Treatment: Rest, ice, compression, elevation
  • Wrist Strain – This is caused by quickly turning your wrist over as you hit the ball to make topspin
  • Back Pain – This can be caused by your posture as you serve.
  • Treatment: Strengthening your abdominals and back muscles to increase flexibility
  • Knee Pain – This can be caused by the players reaction to return the serve. Players generally do a springing up action.
  • Treatment: Rest, ice, compression, elevation
  • Calf and Achilles Tendon Injuries – Caused by overuse
  • Treatment: Strengthen calfs by doing heel raises and stretch regularly
  • Tennis Toe – Can occur when the toes are jammed against the toe box of the shoe during tennis’s quick starts and stops
  • Treatment: A hole is drilled in the toenail to prevent relieve pressure


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