Tennis Prodigy…How young is too young?

Every sport has the incredible kid that has outstanding talent and the makings to one day become the best, but is it right to push a 5 year old to train like the pros?

Jan Silva is a 5 year-old with more talent then I will probably ever have. The way he plays resembles that of the pros, and with time and training, he has the potential to become an amazing player.

Check out this video of him on the Today Show.

Moving to France so a five year-old can pursue tennis seems a bit out there to me. He is only five! What happens when 5 years down the road he realizes he is burn out and doesn’t want to play any more?

The kid definitely has talent. There is no question about that, but I think there needs to be a balance between pursuing opportunities to really see the child excel in the sport and letting them still be a kid.

As Jan gets older, I imagine he will only spend more and more hours at the courts. I don’t like the idea that he, as well as many other athletically talented kids, will miss out on their childhood because there parents are too busy pushing them to become the next iconic player.


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